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Alternative to those thinking about Wedding Chapels in Helen Ga

Helen Ga Weddings

Thinking about Eloping to Helen?  Researching Wedding Chapels in Helen Ga but worried about having a tacky Vegas-style wedding? You have come to the right place!   We specialize in Helen Ga Weddings by providing you with multiple options for weddings in Helen Ga including:

Cavender Castle Wedding Venue    

Weddings in Helen Ga

Weddings in Helen Ga

Waterfall Weddings

Cabin Weddings

Rev. Rick Wedding Officiant

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Alternatives to Wedding Chapels in Helen Ga

There are multiple wedding chapels located in and near Helen Ga.   Chapels are a cheap way to get married.  But they are not for every couple.   Some worry about have a cheesy Vegas style ceremony like they have seen in the movies.  For others getting married in a natural outdoor setting (like Waterfall Weddings) better fits their vision.  And, there is also the consideration for the comfort of their family and friends.  This makes our Cabin Weddings a great option.  And for some couples they are just looking for a minister to marry them.  They are looking for a wedding that is simple, but a step up from betting married on the courthouse steps.


Weddings in Helen Ga

Whatever your situation we offer upscale solutions for weddings in Helen Ga.   So read on and learn how we can help you!  

Cavender Castle Wedding Venue 
Cavender Castle Wedding Venue- Helen Ga Weddings

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We conduct intimate weddings at our Cavender Castle venue located in Dahlonega, just a few minutes from Helen.  At The Castle we create upscale option for those thinking about wedding chapels in Helen Ga.  First, there are options for elopements of just the bride and groom.  You can get married at the same ceremony sites used by those having a large expensive wedding.  Also offered are options for groups of up to 25 guests to get married in an intimate wedding.  Plus, if you are planning an affordable traditional wedding for up to 75 guests we have you covered!  

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Be sure to visit our Cavender Castle Website to see all of our Wedding Prices posted online:

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Cavender Castle Wedding Venue “Where royal weddings are not a royal pain”


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Waterfall Weddings – Helen, Georgia  
Waterfall Weddings in Helen Ga

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Waterfall Weddings make a wonderful option if you are planning on elopements or small weddings in Helen Ga.  There are several waterfall ceremony sites located within a few minutes from Helen.  So if you are planning Helen Ga Weddings for up to 25 guests be sure to consider getting married at a waterfall location near Helen, Georgia.  

In fact, waterfall weddings have become so popular we even have a separate website that has been designed to help you plan Waterfall Weddings in Helen Georgia.

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Cabin Weddings in Helen ga

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Cabin Weddings in Helen Ga  

Thinking about a Helen Ga Wedding?   Odds are, you are probably also thinking about renting a Cabin or Vacation Rental in Helen as well.  So why not also get married at your cabin?  

Yes, we can bring the wedding to you!  Here is how it works… Rev. Rick and his wife Cyndi come to your cabin and the wedding is held there. The ceremony and photos are done right there at your cabin.  It’s easy and affordable!  And, this is the perfect way to turn your wedding into a family celebration! 

Not sure which cabin to rent?  No worries!  We can suggest cabins and vacation rentals in Helen that meet your needs.

If you are planning an elopement or intimate wedding be sure to consider a Cabin/Vacation Rental Wedding!

Cabin Weddings

Cabin Weddings in Helen Ga



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Helen Georgia Wedding Officiant – Rev. Rick Durham

Need a minister or wedding officiant for Helen Ga Weddings?

Rev. Rick Durham can help!

Rev. Rick Durham, Co-Owner of Small Wedding Experts and Cavender Castle conducts weddings at wedding venues and private locations throughout North Georgia… including Helen.   Be sure to visit his website to learn more:

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Alternative to Wedding Chapels In Helen Ga
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