Wedding Chapels in Georgia

Offering Alternatives to Wedding Chapels in Helen Ga

Alternatives to Wedding Chapels in Georgia  

Waterfall are great alternatives to wedding chapels in Georgia

Waterfall are great alternatives to wedding chapels in Georgia

Thinking about getting married at a Wedding Chapel?   Really?   Why?   Yes, wedding chapels in Georgia are a cheap way to get married.  But why else would you go to a tacky wedding chapel?  All you really need to get married in Georgia is a minister and marriage license.  The location of your ceremony is totally up to you!  Georgia is blessed with many beautiful locations that are perfect for elopements and intimate weddings.  And, most of these locations are free!  Read on to learn about memorable alternatives to Wedding Chapels in Georgia.



Cavender Castle Wedding Venue

Cavender Castle Alternative to Wedding Chapels in Georgai

If you are looking for an alternative to a ceremony at a wedding chapel in Georgia be sure to check out our Cavender Castle Wedding Venue located in Dahlonega.  

Cavender Castle is a full service wedding venue where couples have been doing large, lavish weddings since 2003.  However, we also offer elopements and intimate weddings at our venue.  Our ceremonies are slightly more expensive than a cheap wedding at a wedding chapel.  However, you receive lots more for your money.  So you can expect an upscale ceremony site, and the ability to customize your wedding to reflect your personalities and beliefs.

And, best of all we are kid and pet friendly!   Want to involve your parents, kids and pets into the ceremony?  No problem! 


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Waterfall Weddings  

Waterfall Wedding alternatives to wedding chapels in Georgia

Waterfalls make fantastic locations for elopements and intimate weddings.  But there are hundreds of waterfalls throughout the mountains of North Georgia.  so, where do you start in your search for a waterfall wedding site?  

The trick is to find a location that fits your needs perfectly.  For example, is the waterfall large and scenic?  How many people can comfortably fit at that waterfall?  And how far, and difficult is the hike to get there?  Also, will that waterfall be overrun by hikers and tourists during your wedding?   There are lots of factors that go into picking the perfect waterfall wedding location for your particular needs.

We have visited hundred of waterfalls to narrow down your choices into a manageable hand-full that make good  locations for waterfall weddings.  Our company specializes in matching waterfalls to couples looking for alternatives to chapel weddings in Georgia. 

Cabin Wedding & Vacation Rental Weddings


Alternatives to wedding chapels in Georgia

Alternatives to wedding chapels in Georgia

Most couples rent a cabin or vacation rental when they visit North Georgia for an Elopement or Intimate Wedding.  So instead of going to a wedding chapel in Helen Ga why not get married at your cabin?  

We maintain a list of cabins and vacation rentals that are suitable for your small wedding throughout North Georgia.  Tell us how many guest you are expecting and a little about your vision for the wedding.  For example, are you looking for a ceremony on a lake or river?  Or, would you prefer a scenic mountain view?   What area of North Georgia would you prefer?  We factor in all these variables and recommend cabins and vacation rentals that fit your needs.   

And, we do all of this without charge to you!   We do not accept commissions from the cabins we recommend.  Instead we make living by providing ministers and photos for your wedding.

Please note:  Most cabin and vacation rentals limit the number of guests at your wedding to the sleeping capacity at your rental.  In other words please do not ask to have a wedding for 25 guests at a cabin that only sleeps four.  If you expect 25 guests your cabin needs to be able to sleep 25 guests  Otherwise, you run into parking issues and adverse wear and tear on the property.

Rev Rick Wedding Officiant-Minister in North Georgia

Ceremonies By Rick Logo

Rev. Rick Durham Wedding Officiant in Georgia


OK, so let’s say that you already have a ceremony location in mind and you just need a minister to perform your wedding.  Rev. Rick can help!   Staying in Helen, Ga and want to get married on the river or at the Gazebo downtown?   Already have a cabin booked in Ellijay or in Blue Ridge?   Give Rev. Rick at 706-654-6268 to discuss your options. 

Rev. Rick travels throughout North Georgia conducting wedding ceremonies at homes, venues, parks, waterfalls, and other special locations.  Rev. Rick does over 225 weddings per year making him perhaps the busiest wedding officiant in Georgia.   He is not the cheapest officiant around…  but he is best!  Check out his Reviews

Rev. Rick is flexible, professional and charismatic.  His couples love Rick’s Online Ceremony Builder that provide total control over the style, content, and wording of your ceremony.

If you want a cheap, cookie-cutter ceremony don’t hire Rev. Rick.  Hoever , go to one of the wedding chapels in Georgia.

However,  if you want a wedding at a special location that reflects your personalities and religious beliefs, you cannot do better than hiring Rev. Rick!


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Waterfall Wedding Alternatives to Wedding Chapels in Helen Ga
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